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Label facestock is vital in label production and is used in multiple stages and industries. It is the key to forming the adhesive coating on the label substrate in a laminating shop with high-speed glue applicators. Label manufacturers use it to create custom labels to meet different customer needs. The die-cutting plant shapes the label face stock to achieve precise label dimensions. This process plays a vital role in label production.
Composite Processing Plant For High-speed Glue Applicators
Label Manufacturer
Most Die-cutting Factories
Our factory supplies Label Facestock with premium wood pulp base, effectively tackling breakage in die-cutting waste. It offers quick-dry formulas enabling drying at speeds of 300mm/sec for optimal printing.
Premium Wood Pulp Base
Instant Dry Formulation
Effective Waste Reduction
Our factory's supplied Label Facestock boasts high-definition clarity at up to 600*1200 dpi resolution and enhanced color saturation.
High Definition Clarity
Elevated Color Saturation
Exceptional Image Quality
Our Label Facestock offers an efficient tension control system, optimizing large roll processing on high-speed adhesive coating machines.
Streamlined Tension Control
Optimal for High-Speed
Enhanced Processing Capability
Our label surface materials mainly have 4 types of surface materials, which can replace the surface materials in the traditional printing industry
Replaces the "offset paper" in the traditional printing industry. Since our new color inkjet printer was successfully put into production, our market has continued to expand and our production capacity advantage has been huge.
It replaces the "mirror coated paper" in the traditional printing industry, the price is cheaper than Mitsubishi, and we can supply a variety of wide sizes.
It can replace "coated paper or matte powder coated paper" in the traditional printing industry, and the quality may be comparable to Mitsubishi.
The industry's first recommendation, it meets the needs of label printing at various speeds and is the perfect solution for water-based inks without gold or silver inks.
GradeItem Name(Grams) g/m2Thickness umGloss 60°SpecificationsSuitableDownload
FM.FD88ATTRACT SMOOTH MATTE 9087±5105±7/Width:1050mm,1090mm,1350m,Length: 4500m or soDyes, Pigments(partial)
FZ.FD90ATTRACT SHINE SEMI GLOSSY 9097±5110±724±3Dyes, Pigments(partial)
FY.FD90ATTRACT SHINE METALLIC SILVER SILKY 9097±5110±724±3Dyes, Pigments(partial), indigo,toner
FJ.FD90ATTRACT SHINE METALLIC GOLDEN SILKY 9097±5110±724±3Dyes, Pigments(partial), indigo,toner
FG.FD90ATTRACT SHINE GLOSSY 9099±5110±755±5Dyes, Pigments(partial)

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