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PU Heat Transfer Vinyl is a robust material ideal for customizing fabrics with precision. It boasts excellent durability, ensuring designs withstand repeated washes while maintaining their vibrant appearance. This versatile vinyl, with its high coverage and no limitations on color of fabrics, is a nice choice for personalizing apparel and textiles.

Directly used with Cricut Machine

Ideal Heat Transfer Material for High-Elasticity Products such as Nylon, Polyester, Cotton, etc.

Suitable for various textiles, perfect for sports team uniforms, logos, monochrome designs, and clothing

The PU Heat Transfer Vinyl offers the unique advantage of detailed portrait engraving without the need for drilling holes. Additionally, it allows for seamless molding in a single operation, providing precise and intricate results.

No Need for Drilling

One-Step Molding

Durable Coloring and Excellent Elasticity
Our PU Heat Transfer Vinyl excels in producing vibrant and durable colors, while maintaining excellent elasticity for flexibility. Its smooth texture provides a comfortable hand feel, and it exhibits strong resilience for long-lasting results.

Smooth Texture

Strong Resilience

Enduring in Wash
The PU Heat Transfer Vinyl is exceptionally durable, withstanding over 100 cycles of rubbing and washing. It can be safely washed by hand or machine, using various washing methods, without risk of adhesive separation or cracking in both high and low temperature environments.

Versatile Washing Methods

Adhesive Integrity

HTVHeat Transfer VinylPU29*8ft, 12*20ft, 610mm*50m,etcCutting machine Laser engraver

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