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Our PP Film is a polypropylene film commonly used in areas such as image production, printing and art display. Our image-grade PP Film usually has high transparency, helping to show the true color and details of the image, and is suitable for replacing paper, human images and folded albums.
Replaces paper such as maps, outdoor notebooks, menus, children's books, certificates, important documents.
YMPP-X series and IGPP support folding albums
Print human image film
Our image level PP films stand out for their exceptional image quality, delivering high resolution and vivid colors with a fine, smooth surface and elegant texture.
Exceptional Image Quality
Smooth Surface And Elegant Texture
Known for its exceptional color accuracy, our PP films provide true, precise color reproduction. It is also waterproof and tear-resistant, ensuring long-lasting image quality.
Color Accuracy
Waterproof and Durable
When our factory produces PP Film, we follow strict production processes and quality inspection standards to ensure high coating firmness. At the same time, we can support handwriting and meet the needs of folded albums without damaging the indented coating and pattern.
Support Handwriting
High Coating Firmness
Our Image Level PP Film has two main types: Matte PP Film and Indigo PP Film
Our Matte PP Film is loved by our customers for its matte look, print-friendliness and water-resistant properties
Matte Suraface
We also provide Indigo PP Film in various sizes suitable for Indigo printers
Suitable For Indigo Printers
Various Sizes
GradeProductThickness(μm)SurfacePrintabilitySpecificationsPrinting technologies
YMPP-X80Matte PP80MatteSimplex610mm, 914mm wideInkjet water-based
YMPP-X110Matte PP110MatteSimplex610mm, 914mm wideInkjet water-based
YMPP-X170Matte PP170MatteSimplex610mm, 914mm wide, A4Inkjet water-based
YMPP-X200Matte PP200MatteSimplex610mm, 914mm wide, A4Inkjet water-based
YMPP-L180Matte PP80MatteSimplex610mm, 914mm wide, A4Inkjet water-based
YMPP-L280Matte PP280MatteSimplex610mm, 914mm wide, A4Inkjet water-based
IGPP-208Indigo PP208MatteDuplex530x750mm,320x464mmIndigo

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