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Our matte coated papers are specially designed for high-fidelity reproduction of photographs and artwork requiring a soft, non-glare finish. The natural look of these papers makes them well-suited for high-end applications like museum-quality prints, gallery submissions and canvas transfers.

● Photography

● Indoor Poster

● Name Card

● Text Image Print

Absolutely Flat and Smooth
Our matte coated papers deliver prints with an ultra-flat and finely textured surface that flatters photographs and graphics. Precise coating techniques applied at a microscopic level result in an exceptionally smooth print plane. Designed down to a microscopic level, this paper elevates fine art reproduction and photographic imagery to impeccable new heights.
Granularity Control
Lay-Flat Durability
High Whiteness
Our matte coated papers feature an exceptionally high whiteness level that unleashes prints' full color potential. A flawlessly white base accurately reflects varying ink densities to bring out all nuances from dark shadows to light highlights.
Brilliantly White for Vivid Color Rendition
Optical Brightening Agents
Water Resistant, Instant Dry
Our matte coated paper features a protective topcoat that offers water resistance and instant drying for versatile display options. Whatever the application demands, it withstands challenging environments whileoutputting superb image quality.
Shed Liquid Contact without Damage
Instant Dry Printing
Vibrant and High Color Consistency
Our matte coated papers consistently deliver vivid prints boasting the highest levels of color accuracy and precision. Via aging resistance additives, hues are guaranteed to remain consistent even years after the print date.
Color Accuracy Over Time
Color Profiles for Perfection
Rich Grams and Sizes
Our matte papers are offered in a wide selection of sizes and weights to suit all creative projects of different scales. From lightweight fine art to heavyweight poster papers, various thicknesses nourish diverse techniques and substrates.
Grammage Options
Custom Sizing
ModelProduct category(Grams)g/m2Print ­abilityAvailable SizePrinting Technology
FM-90Matte Coated paper90SSheet (A4,A3,3R,4R,5R,etc.)
Small roll (610mm,914mm,1067mm,1118mm, 1270mm *30m,50m,100m),
Jumbo roll avaliable
Inkjet water-based Ink
FM-108Matte Coated paper108SInkjet water-based Ink
FM/M-120Double side Matte Coated paper120DInkjet water-based Ink
FM-128Matte Coated paper128SInkjet water-based Ink
FM/M-140Double side Matte Coated paper140DInkjet water-based Ink
FM-150Matte Coated paper150SInkjet water-based Ink
FM-156Matte Coated paper156SInkjet water-based Ink
FM-180Matte Coated paper180SInkjet water-based Ink
FM/M-180Double side Matte Coated paper180DInkjet water-based Ink
FM-200Matte Coated paper200SInkjet water-based Ink
FM/M-200Double side Matte Coated paper200DInkjet water-based Ink
FM-230Matte Coated paper230SInkjet water-based Ink
FM-230Double side Matte Coated paper230DInkjet water-based Ink
FM/M-250FM/M-250 Matte Coated paper250SInkjet water-based Ink
FM/M-250Double side Matte Coated paper250DInkjet water-based Ink
FM/M-270Double side Matte Coated paper270DInkjet water-based Ink
FM/M-300Double side Matte Coated paper300DInkjet water-based Ink

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