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Textured paper features a tactile surface with a unique pattern or finish, adding depth and visual interest to creative projects. It is chosen for its aesthetic appeal and can be used in printing, painting, crafting, and graphic design to create a sense of dimension. Its distinctive surface enhances the overall look and feel of documents, artwork, and printed materials.

Cover paper for bids and documents

Greeting cards, invitations, and artistic photographs

Production of covers and title pages for books or brochures

Absolutely Flat and Smooth
Our textured paper boasts an impeccably even surface, ensuring a flawless canvas for your creative endeavors. This flatness and smoothness contributes to precise and high-quality picture designs.
Completely even surface for precision
Enhances design clarity
High whiteness
and High stiffness
Our textured paper offers the advantage of high whiteness, providing a vivid canvas for vibrant designs. Additionally, it boasts high stiffness, ensuring durability and a professional finish for various applications
Versatile Texture
Enhanced Aesthetics
Water resistant and Instant Dry
Textured paper offers the advantage of being water-resistant, providing protection against moisture damage. Additionally, it features instant dry properties, allowing for immediate handling and further processing after printing.
Water Resilience
Rapid Drying
Cloth pattern effect
The textured paper presents a distinctive cloth pattern effect, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to your designs. Its artistic texture further enhances visual interest, creating a unique and captivating visual experience for viewers.
Elegant Cloth Pattern
Artistic Texture
High color consistency
The textured paper excels in providing high color consistency, ensuring that your designs maintain their intended vibrancy and accuracy. This feature enhances the overall visual impact and quality of printed materials.
Vibrant Colors
Accurate Reproduction
Vivid colors and large colour gamut
Our textured paper offers the advantage of producing vivid colors with a large color gamut. This allows for the reproduction of a wide range of hues and shades, resulting in stunning and lifelike prints
Rich Colors
Expansive Color Range
GradeProduct category(Grams)g/m2Print ­abilityAvailable SizePrinting Technology
TM/M-250Matte Cloth textured paper250DSheet (A4,A3,8''*10”,etc.)Inkjet Water-based ink
TG/G-260Glossy Cloth textured paper260DInkjet Dye Ink, Partial Pigments
TM/M-270Matte Cloth textured paper270DInkjet Water-based ink
TG/G-300Glossy Cloth textured paper300DInkjet Dye Ink, Partial Pigments

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