We Are Providing Good & on Time Services to Our Valuable Customers.

Strong Competitiveness

we excels in photo paper and label manufacturing due to fast delivery, vast capacity, top-notch quality, competitive pricing,
and preferred supplier status, ensuring industry leadership.

Fast Delivery

Our photo paper and sticker labels are delivered swiftly from the factory!
1.Efficient Production:
2.Swift delivery
3.Addressing urgent needs

Huge Capacity

We have 5 production factories, huge production capacity can meet huge demand.
1.Multiple Factories
2.20+ Produce Lines
3.Advanced equipments
Strong Competitiveness


Professional, Trustworthy Photo Paper/Label Manufacturer

We have been a trusted photo paper and label manufacturer, supplier for over 20 years. We manufactures and supplies self-adhesive labels and photo paper with guaranteed delivery, high production capacity, excellent quality and affordable prices. Our cutting-edge production facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art machinery, guaranteeing top-notch quality and a comprehensive product range


Years Professional Production

Our factory was established in Danyang, China in 2002, and after more than 20 years of development, it has become a leading photo paper supplier in China


Tons Paper Every Year

We have 5 production bases and 20 production lines, which fully meet the production needs of customers' photo paper/labels, and achieve an annual output of 10,000+ tons of paper

ISO 9001/FSC


The quality assurance of advanced production equipment, photo paper and labels, in 2014 and 2015, passed the international certification of ISO 9001 and FSC continuously


Countries Business Customers

Our Photo Paper/Labels have been sold to business customers from North America, South America, Europe, Asia and many other oversea markets

Core Products

The core products of the our factory include high-quality photo paper and a variety of labels, taking into account ex
cellent printing effects and a wide range of applications.

Wholesale Photo Paper

Photo paper rolls/sheets are available in bulk

OEM Sticker Labels

Mass production and die cutting of labels in various sizes

Production Details

As a leading photo paper/label factory in China,meticulous production processes ensure the highest quality,and advanced production
equipment meets diverse production needs.

Why Choose

Our photo paper and labels are well-received globally due to our factory's stringent product quality control, attentive
customer service, and the confidence we have in our factory's capabilities.

Strict Quality Control

Strict quality control guarantees impeccable product standards, reflecting
commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.

Unbeatable Factory Price

Exceptional value at unbeatable factory prices, reflecting Koala® dedication
to affordability without compromising quality.

Strong Factory Strength

Our strong manufacturing capabilities ensure consistent quality, efficiency
and the ability to meet the diverse needs of producing photo paper
and self-adhesive labels.

Worry-free Customer Service

Communicating in a timely manner and solving problems of commercial
customers is the service tenet of our factory, so that customers can be
worry-free and satisfied

Business Customer Say

Our business customers are very satisfied with our products, they all like our products and services very much,
see their evaluation

Koala® has become my preferred photo paper supplier. Their excellent quality, diverse product line, prompt service and reasonable price make our cooperation seamless and fruitful. As a small wholesaler, they have always responded quickly to my questions and needs. Koala® allows me to get high quality photo paper on a limited budget.

Damion Benjamin

Photo Paper Wholesaler

As a label dealer, I am very satisfied with the Koala® labels. Their outstanding quality, diverse product range and customization options perfectly match our customers' needs. Timely delivery and professional technical, service support further enhance our cooperation. Koala® has proven to be a reliable partner, consistently delivering top-notch labels for a variety of applications.

Howard Chavez

Labels Dealer

Koala® excels in timely deliveries, a crucial factor for us. Their robust production capacity has effortlessly managed our large-scale orders. Their OEM services have allowed us to brand products uniquely, setting us apart in the market.

Aisha Nelson

Brand Purchasing Manager

International Exhibition

Our actively participates in various international exhibitions to show our photo paper/label to global customers

Koala® is a trusted manufacturer, supplier of photo paper and sticker labels for over 20 years

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Middle Road, Jianye District, Nanjing, China 210000

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We are trusted manufacturer, supplier of photo paper and sticker labels for over 20 years